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Training as an Associated Teacher of Method SONARAVERA®

SONARAVERA® is a method and philosophy to accompany singers to become self-determined artists and people. The training program, which Associated Teachers of the SONARAVERA® work with , gives the singer an entire vocal technique, strengthened self-confidence and a sound awareness in dealing with different musical styles.

The main objective of the training is to enable Associated Teachers of the SONARAVERA® teaching singing students so that they can develop individually. Singing students get to know and master themselves and their instrument through embodiment.

The teacher learns transdisciplinarily, i.e. with elements from bodywork, psychology, musicianship and vocal technique, to help the singing student on many different levels so that he/she can develop his/her own potential as a singer, musician and human being.

To develop and cultivate our art and create a culture in the music and opera business in which we can perform authentically and powerfully.

We want to break old patterns of competition and comparison. Instead, we focus on the awareness of prosperity and generosity. There is no competition on the path to being yourself.

Your teaching style begins to reflect and agree with your values and affects others.

In private lessons, in master classes and also with this training to become an Authorised Associate Teacher of the SONARAVERA® method, you will be organically connected to the deeper truth of the philosophy and the method.

Together with the other Authorised Associate Teachers of the SONARAVERA® Method and myself, you create a culture in which you express your radiance and encourage, celebrate and nurture each partner.

Didactics: The SONARAVERA® Coaching Method
  • Practical instructions and individual exercises
  • The specific SONARAVERA®-didactics
  • Coaching with language, voice, ears
  • Internal pictures, breathing, transfer via model-function