Mental Coaching

Mental Coaching

Do you want to develop yourself further?

Do you have challenges to overcome?

On the way to success, there are always considerable challenges.

It helps to be able to fall back on experience and the advice of experts.

Do you want to reorient yourself and set new goals?

For example:

  • Singing with more body awareness

  • Singing without effort

  • Strengthen self-confidence and self-reliance

  • Developing the creative potential

  • Healthy dealing with stage fright and stress

  • Clarity in the self-image and self-presentation

  • Ways to a coherent presentation

  • Preparation for auditions, performances

  • Rehearsal of roles

In addition to her studies of the human voice, voice expert Vera Wenkert has also completed training as an NLP practitioner and is a member of the association of free alternative practitioners and naturopaths in Switzerland.