About me

I am voice exptert and I have studied the human voice all my life. I love voices, and I love people. I am a specialist in detecting and resolving voice blockages and voice difficulties.

What makes me different?

I don’t believe in ready-made answers. Every person is different and that is why it is important to me to find the right “medicine” – i.e. the appropriate steps – for an individual solution.

I have an ear like a lynx. I always see the whole person and their needs.

Again and again I see people burst into tears of joy when they have found their unique voice.

What makes me stand out?

I draw from my long stage career as an opera singer and from my many years of teaching experience. I feel great responsibility for the development of the person who entrusts himself to me. I explain exactly the way to the goal. It is particularly important to me to guide my clients to their independence.

I have developed my own method SONARAVERA®, from which I have explained many exercises in my training book “SONARAVERA® – The way to a self-determined singer”. The English-language edition “Vocal resonance and Charisma for Singers”was on Amazon’s bestseller list for a long time.

As a voice expert, I see myself as a healer who guides people to tap into their personal potential and let them sound into the world.

Who is right with me?

People are in good hands with me,

+ who want to realise their full vocal potential,

+ who would like to expand their skills in communication, singing, speaking,

+ for singers, for speakers who want to optimise their vocal volume and inspire their audience with their authentic performance.

Who can I not help?

People who want a quick solution and do not want to get involved in a process. This is because vocal habits have usually been trained over many years and cannot be changed overnight.

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