Everyone is an artist when he / she is authentic.

With the SONARAVERA® method you learn:

  • Appear with confidence
  • Master body language
  • Make stage fright your friend
  • Show vocal confidence
  • Reaching out to the other person
  • Radiating credibility
  • Showing the essence of yourself
Developer of the SONARAVERA® method and best-selling author Vera Wenkert

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The Exercise Book for the SONARAVERA®Method

Students' opinions:

David L. Jones

Vera Wenkert is very precise in hearing vocal problems and in offering solutions that get complete results. Her performance experience also compliments her teaching ability in that she knows languages and stage deportment.

International Vocal Pedagogue, New York

Charlotte E. Whittle

Vera’s teaching is incredibly detailed. She can hear if the root of the tongue is blocking the sound, or if the jaw is too tense, the breath not low enough. She has the ability to pick up on these problems so quickly, and deal with them in and efficient and patient way.

Dramatic Soprano, Scotland

Jérémie Brocard

It’s unique to find in the same person, an amazing singer who can teach and and a wonderful teacher who can sing.

Opera singer, France

Regina Meyer

The person with its unique personality, with its qualities and with its challenges is in the center of Veras work.

Opera singer, Switzerland

Janaina von Moos

" Her exercises have helped me to perform even more charismatically and authentically, both on stages and in my online trainings."

Managing Director – Online Specialist

Rahel Ackermann

She is an incredible voice coach.... My view of the voice has changed fundamentally

HR Ressources Management

François Cochard

... Expert who knows exactly how to use the potential of a voice

Der Markenmentor, Zürich – www.markenmentor.ch

S. C.

Through Vera's targeted coaching, I discover an undreamt-of potential in my voice, which directly serves the further development of my personality.

Authorised signatory in a bank, Switzerland